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Did you know………

Posted November 10, 2014

Did you know that our posts are truncated on our home page (where you are reading right now!) and that if you click on the blue title, you may see pictures or additional information?  

Severe Winter Weather and School Closures

Posted November 21, 2014

Severe winter weather can lead to bus cancellations and/or school closures in the Region of Waterloo. A public announcement will be made if a decision is made to do so. Please listen carefully as these announcements will give one of a number of different scenarios such as: All schools are closed. All school buses and […]

It’s We Day in Waterloo Region

Posted November 20, 2014

You can watch the event live:

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Weather Related School Absence

Posted November 20, 2014

On severe weather days, when buses are late or cancelled, the parents/guardians of bus students will not be contacted through our attendance check program . Likewise, if a large portion of our walking students remain at home due to poor weather conditions, it will not be possible for all parents/guardians to be contacted through our […]

Winter Weather Has Arrived!!

Posted November 19, 2014

Winter Weather Has Arrived! It is an expectation of the Waterloo Region District School Board that schools are sensitive to the safety and well-being of students during periods of severe weather conditions. During severe weather conditions, the safety of our students is extremely important and we will make the decision to keep students inside when […]

Lost and Found/Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser

Posted November 18, 2014

m4s0n501 Our lost and found continues to be very full and we know that all of the items belong to someone. If your child is missing an item and you want to see what is in our Lost and Found, please click on this link to view an album with pictures of our Lost and […]

Thanks for your support!!

Posted November 18, 2014

Our Treasures Book fundraiser is now complete and we have raised…. (drumroll……..)……………. over $2000!!! Thanks to all of our families for supporting this fundraiser. We appreciate your support!!!

World Diabetes Day

Posted November 14, 2014

Mrs. Howey wishes Dr. Banting a happy birthday on World Diabetes Day! November 14th is his birthday.  Dr. Banting is remembered for inventing insulin.   The blue pin on her sweater is the symbol for World Diabetes Day.  You can learn more about it by looking at . We have a number of student […]

1453 Pounds of Food donated to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region!!!

Posted November 12, 2014 photo

Here is a message that we have received from the Food Bank of Waterloo Region:   The total amount of food raised was 1453 lbs!  Last year the total raised was 1213 lbs.  A job well done!  Congratulations to the students! Please let the students know, they have raised enough food to provide over 1,816 […]

Elizabeth Ziegler Remembers

Posted November 11, 2014

This morning Elizabeth Ziegler held our Remembrance Day assembly for all of our staff and students. It was an opportunity for us to gather together and remember and honour those who served on our behalf, and to also focus on the theme of peace. A special thank you to our Junior Choir for providing some […]

Used Battery Contest

Posted November 10, 2014

Recently, Elizabeth Ziegler’s EcoTeam has joined the used battery contest. We invite the whole school to participate. Anyone is welcome to bring used batteries to be recycled. We cannot accept rechargeable batteries, but all other types can be recycled. Certain batteries, like 6- and 9-volt batteries need to have the terminals covered with masking tape […]

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